Onxshop pathway

2000 – The Onxshop story began in 2000 when our core designer and developer started to build code library for clients demanding state of the art HTML/CSS/Javascript applications.

2002 – First fully working CMS called nSite was released. It was used on some very busy websites and served them well for a long time. In fact, some websites are still running on this framework in 2012!

2005 – Liquid Light agency started using nSite CMS framework for some of their clients and contributed the development. The CMS was renamed Xsite.

2006 – The first Onxshop hosting service was created using the Xsite framework (Onxshop = On Xsite Shop).

2007 – Version 1.0 is released.

2009 – Laposa Ltd is incorporated to give Onxshop enterprise support.

2010 – The Xsite framework was renamed Onxshop and licensed under Open Source BSD licence.

2011 – Onxshop’s first full open source release on GitHub public repository. Onxshop Ltd incorporated to hold copyright.

2012 – Onxshop 1.5 is released as Debian package and distributed via APT repository.

2013  Onxshop 1.6 released

2014  Onxshop 1.7 released


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