Welcome to the unique design of Onxshop.

Onxshop offers you

  • Flexible fluid layout modules, which support nesting based on the Fibonacci sequence
  • Complete responsive HTML/CSS framework, which allows you to use the same HTML and core CSS for multiple websites with different branding and designs
  • Modular framework where all the features work with every other feature
  • Simplified MVC paradigm using Model for Storage Access (SQL and PHP), View for Presentation to client (simple HTML engine), Controller for Handling actions (request processing in PHP to produce View). To put it simply, you will not see any $align option in Model or Controller or an SQL query in Controller
  • Flexible routing system which allows each component to be called on its own (useful for AJAX)
  • The option to rewrite each template, model or controller specifically for a project, so developers can add their own stamp to the system
  • Common components that are all built directly by our core team, which means that 99% of projects don't need to install external components. This eliminates problems with incompatible components (extensions/modules/plugins) which affects some CMS software
  • Behavioural targeting support in the core system and many other components
  • An all in one system - content management system, blog, product catalogue and checkout process all rolled into one. This allows users share the same category system and media library across their product catalogue, blog articles, recipe pages, store details. It also allows to include an “add to basket” button in blog posts about a product or to a recipe page for all ingredients. There isn't any other web system in the universe which can do this with such ease.
  • One fulltext search for the CMS, eCommerce and blog, recipes, stores.
  • Multilingual sites using 'multi-tree concept'

Why Onxshop?

  • Integrated Content Management System with built in advanced eCommerce
  • superior user interface
  • perfect image management
  • long term support

Every new website we create is produced live, in browser, using Onxshop's Integrated Development Environment... with such a solid framework, we haven't been near Dreamweaver in months!

Chris Black, Director of Unit Online.


Do you want to install Onxshop?

  1. On your own OS
    Follow the instructions on our GitHub repository
  2. In the cloud
    Visit cloud.onxshop.com