International Retail Platform

Onxshop is a world class on-demand eCommerce platform. It is a flexible, robust and very user friendly platform offering a vast array of features that can be turned on or off to meet the demands of your business, whatever its size.

  • On-demand technology with no set up time
  • Extremely feature rich eCommerce platform
  • Highly intuitive user interface
  • Single channel or multi-channel sales, ePOS, Website, Stock Control
  • Single or multiple languages, currencies and pricing options
  • Simple integration with any other system
  • Full reporting suite

The software is customer-centric to maximise conversion, retention, ROI and growth.

Product management

  • add a new product
  • list top selling products during a certain period
  • hide an existing product
  • add relation to a page and taxonomy
  • add an unlimited number of images (automaticaly resized and impossible to delete if it is still in use)
  • add variants for one product (ie. size S, M, L, XL, etc)
  • add pricing options for different website users, such as wholesale prices, multiple currencies etc
  • add any content component to the products page (fully integrated with CMS)

Order management

  • see list of new orders (paid, unpaid)
  • see list of cancelled, dispatched, completed orders
  • see order details with all related information
  • print an invoice from the website
  • print shipping documents from the website
  • support for warehouse user back office account - can manage orders only
  • REST API for 3rd party system integration

Customer management

  • see list of all website customers
  • see top buying customers and their favourite products, filtered by country, date, etc
  • see log of sessions of visited pages and actions made on your website
  • export lists of customers to your newsletter system (ie., sorted by number of orders, amount spent, etc  (facilitates targeted marketing)
  • change user's details
  • log-in as customer and make an order on their behalf


  • personalization
  • display related products
  • display certain content to certain customers
  • display top selling products
  • display favourite products after client login