Page nodes

  • add, remove, move page (drag & drop) within your website
  • hide page to any public visitors
  • hide or display page to visitors who are not logged in
  • add a description for Google search result
  • choose how the URL of your page will look
  • add a custom CSS class attribute for your page

Read about page management

Layout nodes

  • add, remove, drag & drop layout component within your page, or move to another page
  • hide a component from the public
  • hide or display features only to logged in customers
  • choose either a two column or three column layout
  • Adjust column proportions (ie. fibonacci ratio of column width etc.)
  • add an extra CSS class for each layout

Read more about layouts 


Content nodes

  • add new content to any page simply by using the + icon in the front-end edit
  • choose from variety of pre-built content components, including text block, image gallery, menu of sub pages, news list, product list component, contact form, RSS feed from external site, any general component, raw HTML source, Google Picasa gallery
  • display/hide content to general visitors or to signed in customers
  • move content components to another place within your website just by dragging and dropping
  • link images from the media library with a reference, so you can see which images are used where

Explore Onxshop content building blocks


  • Google sitemap.xml
  • Google Base products XML export
  • full control over your URLs
  • Google Analytics integration
  • integrated Apache Lucene fulltext search 

Responsive design

All content elements available in Onxshop are already responsive – meaning they will adapt to the size of their container.