The content element you will probably use most. It's very versatile. Most content management systems use only one Rich Text element for a whole page. Onxshop gives you this option for each text component.

It's a word processor tool like MS Word or iWork Pages, but we use TinyMCE editor, which was proven to be the best on the market.

You can easily add a link directly from your website pages tree and add images from your image library. Every image used within a content is kept assigned to this content so that you cannot delete it by mistake and cause missing images on your site. And don’t’ worry about resizing your images; our system supports built-in picture resizing.

It is very important is to use the built-in page link facility instead of providing hard coded (i.e. the URL you use should not be "/product/something-something” but something like "/page/5"). The system will automatically convert this to a nice URL. You can check there are not hard links in your content by visiting /backoffice/advanced/tools/find hard links.